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  • Dr. Melyssa Hoitink, ND

Striving for Connection

Social support is an important aspect of our health and one that I often ask my patients about. Without it, we can feel isolated and lonely. Our mental health can suffer as a result of a lack of connection and disconnection with those around us.

It's so easy to be even more disconnected today than every before. Social media has the illusion of connection, without the true benefits of interacting with another human. We see the highlight reel of the lives of those around us and we don't see the struggles or the mundane. In the winter months, it's easy to "hibernate" because of the cold weather and lack of daylight.

In honour of Family Day this weekend, I encourage you reach out to a friend or family member you haven't connected with in a while. Ask them for coffee or dinner or just have a chat on the phone. I'm sure the both of you will benefit from the social connection.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Family Day weekend!


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